Casablanca Down Town

In MoroccoCasablanca, if it is not the capital, is a bit like the metropolis of the country: the most populated, the most economically dynamic. This city is in fact the epicenter of Moroccan Commerce and Finance. ” Casa ” holds a special place in this kingdom.

It is also possible to get away from modern Casablanca by walking through the medina, the historic center of the city.

The Morroco Mall, an emblem in Casablanca

The first commercial mall in Africa with three floors, the Morroco Mall has just opened in 2011 and has nothing to envy to the malls of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It has more than 350 shops and a huge store: Galleries Lafayette.

It is a leisure destination for both tourists and locals. The shopping center offers a variety of entertainment, including an aquarium, ice rink, musical fountain and 3D cinema.

Restaurants open their doors on site to taste the famous typical Moroccan dishes such as tagine, sweet and savory associations, couscous with vegetables, lamb mechoui but also freshly caught fish.

The Casa Hassan II mosque, a must-see monument in the city, can boast more than a record. It is above all the second largest religious building in the world (after the mosque of Mecca)! His minaret is also the tallest in the world with 200 meters in height. The beauty of the building is due to a beautiful mix of traditional architecture and high technology. One of the peculiarities of the mosque is that it has a sliding roof that allows to open in hot weather in just 3 minutes. Unbelievable ! What is good to know is that this mosque is one of the very few open to a non-Muslim public.

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