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Welcome to Carresa Rent

Carresa Group found Carresa Rent as a discounted Rental Cars company for airport travelers.The organization has enjoyed robust growth and positive operating results in Rental Cars for more than five years.Established to combine technology efficiency and proactive price management, Carresa Rent is a complement to the services offered by Carresa Group to meet the needs of the airport leasing market and to position it self as a viable alternative to the leading brands of Rental Cars sector.

We are not going to tell you that we are the perfect but we will do our best to make you happy.

— Chami Mounir, Ceo & Co-foundateur Carresa Rent

Why did you choose Carresa Rent ?

Carresa Rent is committed to providing the highest quality of rental car services that meet your expectations:

  • New Autos and Vehicles less than 24 months,
  • SCDW Insurance,
  • Unlimited Km,
  • Delivery at airports,
  • Free Cancellation,
  • Assistance 24/7,
  • Customer Service
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Our Mission Carresa Rent

OUR Mission

To rent a car without driver in Morocco is a profession consists of a control and a veilance very important. so we created Carresa Rent to provide you with quality service and win your trust

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